Nadar en el Polo Norte


Por el derretimiento del Polo Norte, entre Alaska y Siberia, se forma una “alberca” que el prximo 2009 va ser abierta al publico, Aguas  de 4ºc para nadar. Anotado en la lista de Propositos a cumplir.

North Pole New Shipping, Tourism Destination

A researcher at the Polar Institute has predicted that if this summer season turns out as warm as 2007’s, Arctic Ocean ice around the North Pole may give way to open water this year. Dr. Olav Orheim, director of the Norwegian Polar Institute, said the media played up news last fall that the fabled Northwest Passage shipping “short cut” was ice-free, but even more surprising news was the huge size of the ice-free area – a stretch from Alaska to Siberia – and the shrinking mass of the sea ice to a new low of 3 million square kilometers.

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