Como Ganar la Elección en las Urnas 2012.

Ganar en las Urnas.
Mexico es Libre

Intrucciones para Ganar una Eleccion en México.

1. Despertarse Temprano, Checar su IFe, Oir la Radio, Hablar a sus amigos para invitarlos a Votar.

2. Salir a Votar lo mas temprano posible, para que no se vayan a acabar las boletas.

3. Animar a Sus amigos y conocidos por el CANDIDATO que UD Apooya.

4. Publicar Fotos, Comentarios, Twts. de las Casillas,

5. Poner Guarda en Cada Casilla, x lo menos 4 personas por Casilla, Bien comunicadas.

6. Publicar los resultados de las Encuestas de Salida.

7. Poner Escenas de Triunfo del Candidato El Mayor tiempo posible.

8. Salir a VOTAR con ANIMO

Strategy is the conception of how best to achieve particular objectives
in a conflict, operating within the scope of the chosen grand
strategy. Strategy is concerned with whether, when, and how to fight,
as well as how to achieve maximum effectiveness in struggling for
certain ends.

Strategy may also include efforts to develop a strategic situation
that is so advantageous that the opponents are able to foresee
that open conflict is likely to bring their certain defeat, and therefore
capitulate without an open struggle.

It involves the skillful deployment
of particular action groups in smaller operations.

Tactics and methods of action are used to implement the strategy.
Tactics relate to the skillful use of one’s forces to the best advantage
in a limited situation. A tactic is a limited action, employed
to achieve a restricted objective. The choice of tactics is governed
by the conception of how best in a restricted phase of a conflict to
utilize the available means of fighting to implement the strategy.

A particular tactic can only be
understood as part of the overall strategy of a battle or a campaign.
Tactics are applied for shorter periods of time than strategies,

Method refers to the specific weapons or means of action. Within
the technique of nonviolent struggle, these include the dozens of
particular forms of action

The development of a responsible and effective strategic plan
for a nonviolent struggle depends upon the careful formulation and
selection of the grand strategy, strategies, tactics, and methods.

Planning for democracy
It should be remembered that against a dictatorship the objective of
the grand strategy is not simply to bring down the dictators but to
install a democratic system and make the rise of a new dictatorship



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